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Vision Tints Exeter mobile car window tinting provides an all in one car window tinting solution. Tinting your car windows yourself, can be a disaster waiting to happen, selecting the right brand, shade, and even just lining it up on the glass and applying it, can be a real pain! Taking your vehicle to have a tint applied can be a real hassle as well, needing to take some time off work, or having no car for several hours waiting for it to be finished, is often very inconvenient.

At Vision Tints we’re 100% mobile, and we can cover the whole of Devon and parts of Cornwall including Exeter, Plymouth, Torquay, Paignton and local areas. So we will come to your home or place of work, saving you time or valuable holiday days. We offer a lifetime guarantee for your peace of mind, and we are fully insured for every tinting job we do.

We also offer tinted sun strips, headlight tints and de-chroming.

How window tinting works

  • You book a time and location that suits you.
  • Our professional team will arrive, only needing access to a powered plug socket.
  • We then clean the vehicle windows with 100% pure water to remove any dirt or invisible debris before we tint them.
  • It may be necessary to remove door panels in order to access the inner workings of the window. This is done with great care to ensure that there is no damage.
  • Once the windows have been tinted, we ask that you do not use them for at least 7 days allowing them to fully dry, and preserving the edges of the tint.
  • Finally, payment is accepted by, cash, card, or bank transfer.

What is the best window tint shade for me?

Choosing the best tint shade can be difficult. Here are some things to ask yourself:

  1. Is the tint for the look & style of your car?
  2. Is it to look after children or animals from heat or UV rays?
  3. Is it to conceal valuables out of view?

From your answers to these questions our fully trained professionals will help you to select the right shade. Here are the 3 main shades to choose from:

Light tintThis is a subtle tint providing protection from UV rays but giving complete visibility even at night.

Medium tintThis is how many cars come out of the factory, it offers protection from heat, UV rays and adds a little privacy.

Blackout tint – This tint is the most widely selected, it protects from UV rays, heat and provides absolute privacy.


Which car windows can be tinted?

This is a question that we are regularly asked. First, let us describe the way tint is measured.

The percentage given for a tint defines how much of the light is allowed through. Therefore a 20% tint makes it possible for 20% of light to pass through.

The legal limit on both the driver’s and front passenger’s window is 70%. The windscreen is 75%. Meaning the glass at the front must let 70-75% of the light through. The vast majority of vehicles produced today have tinted windows already at (or close to) the 70-75% limit. They are usually tinted even if they don’t appear to be.

If you choose to get your front windows tinted, penalties range from (click here for details):

  • A ‘prohibition notice’ banning you using your vehicle on the UK road network until you strip the tint from your vehicle.
  • A penalty notice and a summons by the court system.

Also, something else to think about is your car insurance. By illegally tinting the front windows of your car, it’s possible to nullify your insurance.

It is also against the law to illegally install tint to the front windows, with hefty penalties & fines. Vision Tints is a reliable, trustworthy & respected business that all clients rely on and as such we choose not to break the law. So we will not tint your front windows beyond the legal limit.

We use a tint meter to ensure you are legal when installing any tint on front windows.

We will happily tint any rear windows as dark as you wish, as there is no legal limit on rear window tints.

What type of tint do you use?

Not every window tint meets our standards! The window tints available are:

Dipped/Dyed Window

This is often found be the least expensive tint available to the market, it bubbles, fades, and will likely turn blue or purple after a while. Its really not great, and we do not recommend it.


This tint is also cheap. It is damaged by the rear window heater lines, which cause it to bubble. It can also interrupt radio signals. This is not a good option, and, will not last.

Carbon or Charcoal

Premium industry-standard tint. We choose to use this at Vision Tints, as it provides great colour, it’s long lasting, does not get affected by heater lines & doesn’t affect radio signals.


The best tint money can buy, provided as our premium service. It has great colour/longevity, is not affected by heater lines, won’t affect radio signals and provides the best UV/temperature protection.

Having said that, not all window tint manufacturers offer the same, after many years of experience, we have chosen what we believe is the best brand available, and even better, it is all manufactured in the UK, which means that when you choose our services you’re supporting two UK businesses.

Do you offer mobile window tinting near me?

Yes! We are fully mobile and offer mobile window tinting in Exeter and all of Devon and northern Cornwall.

We are able to come to your home or workplace meaning that you don’t have to be without your car and do not need to hang around for hours for the job to be completed.

Some other services we offer

Car light tinting

Mobile car light tinting service in Exeter

Tinting car tail-lights or headlights can improve the look of your car without great expense. Tinted lights can transform your car and make it look more sporty, aggressive or serious.

Car de-chrome (chrome delete)

Mobile car de-chrome / chrome delete service in Exeter

De-chroming can completely change how others see your car, giving it a unique appearance and adding some individuality. Chrome delete is bespoke and can be applied to badges, grills, spoilers, vents and more.